9 Decision-Making tips from Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita
6 min readOct 7, 2020


1. Never take decisions on the basis of your Mind rather use your Intelligence.

At the beginning of the battle of Mahabharata, Arjun refused to fight against his cousins and relatives because it makes him feel sad. But Lord Krishna showed him the right path.

In the modern world, we can see that a student feels happy while watching a movie. While on the other hand, studying makes him feel bored and sad. But in the long run, studying will be beneficial for the student. Thus while making any decisions keep your feelings aside. If a decision is making you feel better it doesn’t mean, it is good for you. Because feelings are temporary. Decisions must be taken by the use of our Intelligence rather than using our minds.

2. Avoid taking decisions in Extreme emotions

In chapter 6th of Bhagavad Geeta, Shri Krishna says that we have to maintain a balance in our life. Thus do not make a decision when you are feeling too happy or too sad. The decision taken in such a situation mostly takes you to the worst situation.

For example, if you are too happy, and anyone asks anything from you, you will happily say yes for anything to that person. And similarly, if you are feeling too sad then even if someone asks about how you are doing then you might be hearted by that also. Actually, our brain reacts a bit differently when we are too happy or too sad. So avoid taking decisions in Extreme emotions. Delay it for some time.

3. Ask yourself “Am I taking this decision in anger or attachment “

Every time you take any decision, ask yourself this question. And if the answer is “Yes” then you have to again consider your decision. For example, if your younger brother has done something wrong and though he is your brother, you take him leniently. But it may prove harmful to him in the future.

In today’s scenario, people take so many severe decisions in anger and then regret after their brain settles down. Even people do not hesitate in taking the life of another person and commits severe crimes such as murder, just because of anger. Thus it is very important to make the decision when you are out of the control of your anger because it can very dangerous not only for others but for you also. Write down the whole situation 3–4 times, writing helps in understanding the situation better.

4. Am I focusing only on the results

If you will read Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta then you will observe that there is one word that was used again and again in the book. And that is “Nishkama Karma” which means Just do your deeds (Karma) and do not care about the results. This is the true quality of a “Karmayogi”. You have given up doing a lot of good things just because you were not able to see the results of it.

For example, You have started to go on a morning walk every day. But after some days you have stopped. Because you were not able to lose your weight. Just because you were unable to see the results you have stopped your “karma” as well. So remember while taking any decision that the results are not in your hands. You just have to work hard and do your job (Karma), the rest of the things (results) are not in your hands.

In the book “who moved my cheese” Spencer Johnson says that the “Change is the law of Nature”. In the book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers says us to move out of our comfort zone. In Bhagavad Geeta also Shri Krishna says, “Do not fear from the Change”, because Change is the only constant and is good. We usually become comfortable with something. But while making any decision we need to come out of that comfort zone and then take the decision.

Arjun was not ready for the war but Change is Nature’s rule. The Arjun was fearing to lose his relatives but this fear of Arjun was his comfort zone. And Lord Krishna helped him to move out of his comfort zone.

5. Have Faith in your decision

In chapter 17th, shloka 28th of Bhagavad Geeta it is said that whatever we do without faith is useless. So before taking any decision always thinks that does it seem right to you and do you have a strong belief in it. Believe and faith is 2 very strong pillars with which one can even move mountains. Without faith and belief, the decision you make is weak and you will not be able to stick to your decision. Thus, take a realistic decision and have a firm belief in yourself and the lord.

6.Keep your goals high

In Chapter 3 and shloka 21 it is given that “Whatever action a great man performs, the Common man follows”. Lord Krishna is considered as lord just because Shri Krishna has kept his goals much higher than the average person. So always ask yourself while making any decision that Is your goal high enough? Could you easily achieve that? While making any decision always keep your thinking and goals high.

7. What is good for society is good for you

In chapter 3rd of Bhagavad Geeta, Lord Krishna says that something which is not good for society can never be good for you. If any of your actions bring good to you but will harm others then do not take that decision.

For example, If you are keeping your house clean but throwing the garbage in your surroundings or on the streets then it will ultimately affect you. Because this will give rise to the diseases in the surroundings and ultimately will affect you only. Thus always keep in mind while making any decision that something which is not good for society can never be good for you.

8. Trust in the Lord

Trust, Believe, and Faith are some magical words that have the power to move the mountains. So while making any decision always have trust in the lord. Keep believing in yourself and the power in which you believe. Also, have a firm belief in the phrase “Whatever happens, happens for its best” and will take place only for the betterment of you.

9. Right counseling can lead to a better decision

While making any decision it is always to talk with the people you trust. They may be your friends, family, members and your teachers, etc. Though Arjun was a wise man, when he was confused, he talks to his friend Krishna and asks for his help and advice and the rest is history. Thus its good to take advice from a wise person which will help you to make the decision. This right counseling will help you to make a better decision.

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