PK — Laughing at “meaningless” rituals while living a “meaningless” life.

Bhagavad Gita
2 min readSep 23, 2021


The Immense popularity of PK suggests that our society is increasingly becoming skeptic about religious rituals, if they don’t make immediate sense.

A feeling that God, even if he exist, is largely irrelevant, he doesn’t answers to our prayers . Even if we don’t embrace Atheism openly(Because of following our cultural traditions from many years), we consciously or subconsciously embrace the worldview that can be called Apatheism — don’t bother about anything otherworldly; Just focus on here-and -now..This is the biggest damage what society has gone through. In a very subtle way we can call it as Materialism.

Focusing on immediate concerns usually means accepting a materialistic worldview — at least functionally,if not intellectually.

But, within this worldview what is the purpose of life itself?. If we see according to that, what would we see? We are born, we run around trying to do things, we loose the ability to run around, we loose the ability to do things and we die.Game Over. What was the point of it all?

We laugh at the meaninglessness of rituals, but what about the meaninglessness of our own life?. By neglecting or rejecting religion, we eliminate the possibility of any transcendental meaning in our life.Laughing at meaningless rituals while sinking into meaningless materialism.

So,it is very sad, that society on a large scale wants to see negativity in-place of goodness. It simply reflects the diseased condition of society.It just shifted from fake Godmen to Entertainers. Now entertainers are new role models, they are new gurus.

Everyone is discussing the problem.Good intent means showing the way to solve it. Helping society to live a life of purpose.

Society needs reformation and hence needs Spiritual Reformers.

Point is that are we ready to become one of them?